Adaptoys — Accessible Toys for people living with paralysis

Adaptoys — Accessible Toys for those living with paralysis, powered by NYC makers

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation announced the creation of Adaptoys, which are adapted versions of popular toys that will give people living with paralysis the chance to play with their families, according to an article of PEOPLE magazine.

For Adaptoys, our friend makers David & Courtland from Axios NYC played a vital role — prototyping a R/C race car that runs on sip-and-puff technology, using a straw and turns with head tilts (look at the picture below how David was testing using the sensor on the headset).

David Yepez (right) from Axios NYC working on prototyping a R/C race car with his buddy Courtland Premo (left)

The Reeve Foundation’s initial goal is to get donations to produce 100 R/C cars, but they see a larger scale. Here is one in their FAQ section.

Are you in talks with any toy manufactures to produce these accessible toys on a larger scale?
Yes, we are. Our hope is that between the public reaction and results from this campaign, we will inspire toy manufacturers to join forces with 360i and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation so that we have the resources necessary to produce these toys on a larger scale. Everyone deserves to play with their loved ones but so many people and even companies are unaware of the restrictions and challenges that exist as a result of paralysis. This is an incredible opportunity to raise the volume on this critical issue and make sure all individuals can play without limits.

This project has been led by Axios NYC and a NYC-based digital agency 360i. The recent post of 360i’s blog said about this great initiative.

Partnering with technology company AXIOS NYC, we developed two initial prototypes, including a remote-controlled car operated by a responsive headset and a voice-activated pitching machine. With simple head tilts, an ordinary remote controlled car can be steered left and right, and accelerated by inhaling and exhaling into a straw. And with simple voice commands, a voice-controlled pitch machine reacts to pitch a ball.

You Can Act Now

If your family have someone living with paralysis, register to apply for an Adaptoy.

The Reeve Foundation started accepting donations for the first 100 R/C cars on Generosity, so let’s make a donation to make this project happen!