Building Blocks for Adults — Why I am impressed by Urbacraft (Part 1)

Crafted city with Urbacraft’s building blocks

Everyone knows Lego, plastic construction toys for kids (and adults as well). I enjoyed playing with Lego blocks in my childhood. I still like Lego as concept, but did not buy since I left my family’s place. I was getting less interested. Probably I now know I need to buy as many kinds of blocks as I can to make more complex construction.

Urbacraft, a company who develops building blocks for “the city crafting system”, is a Lego for adults like me.

Only Two Kinds of Blocks can Build Anything

At first, I did not get why Urbacraft is innovating. There are a number of Lego-like building-block products are available and I thought of Urbacraft as one of them.

Ayssar, Co-founder of Urbacraft, showed me his building-blocks and explained to me that one block is for the floor and that the other is for the wall. According to him, it is very straightforward for architects to create buildings of the floor and the wall.

When I played with these blocks, I found myself easily accustomed to this concept and easy to make buildings.

True, not only kids but also architects and designers enjoyed crafting “buildings” using Urbacraft in a workshop in Beirut, Lebanon, which was organized by another Co-founder Sabine de Maussion, Ayssar’s wife, while Ayssar was in New York to join XRC Labs.

He showed me lots of pictures from the workshop. Here are some of the pictures he shared with me.

What is the business model?

I met Ayssar at XRC Labs, a startup accelerator co-founded by and located in Parsons School of Design in New York. So, the question I came up with next was “how will this company make money?” Ayssar answered “subscription”.

I was not sure, but I was already interested in this simple, inspiring plastic blocks. I couldn’t stop getting myself involved in his challenge.

(To be continued to Part 2)

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