The Halē Orb is one of the examples where technology meets Japanese craftsmanship. Sign up at for the waitlist of the Halē Orb. By courtesy of DouZen, Inc.

Come & Join “Monozukuri Alley” — Exhibit of Products from Makers of Japanese craftsmanship— in NYC

As its goal is to increase hardware startups globally, FabFoundry supports makers and hardware entrepreneurs through our activities such as Monozukuri Saturday Meetup to endorse people to make and prototype things more often.

In April, we will add a new activity — to connects hardware startups to end-users and business people for access to more important resources such as feedback, co-workers and strategic partners. This sort of opportunities are critically important to advance their products/prototypes to the next level.

Meet at half-day “Monozukuri Alley” in NYC

Our first attempt is called Monozukuri Alley, where Japanese craftsmanship meets Silicon Alley.

On April 11th, we will set up a Monozukuri Alley popup, at If Conference, a half-day conference in NYC where attendees “learn from insiders about the expanding Japanese startup ecosystem, and listen to Japanese entrepreneurs share insights and learnings from bringing their businesses to the US.”

If Conference, on April 11, 2016, at Microsoft Times Square, in New York
Co-founders of Japan NYC Startups. Photo from

Co-hosted by a government agency Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), If Conference is the first conference designed to connect Japanese entrepreneurs to New York, hosted by Japan NYC Startups, New York City’s community of entrepreneurs and technologists in the Japanese startup scene.

At If Conference, Monozukuri Alley will be an exhibit space for hardware startups with their products/prototypes to interact with New York’s first-class early adopters, professionals, entrepreneurs and media people.

Monozukuri Alley is designed to connect you to two types of creators — not only Japanese startups who demonstrate their products to communities in New York but also domestic entrepreneurs who collaborate with Japanese maker communities.

Look at this six-second video. You should be amazed by this presentation from a maker in Japan. There are many skilled Japanese suppliers, like this maker, who have helped Japanese global manufacturers lead the global market for decades. Unfortunately some of these Japanese manufacturers went out of business, but there are expertise and technology still available from these suppliers.

We believe our activities such as Monozukuri Alley will create more opportunities for those who want to get connected to right resources to each other.

DouZen’s co-founder Ken Miura negotiated with such Japanese fabricators to get super high-quality fabricated materials for the Halē Orb, their first beautifully designed connected device for families to share moments. Ken is a Japanese American so he can access to such hidden Japanese makers. We, FabFoundry, would like to help more hardware companies find and access to these great resources, not only for prototyped fabrication but for lower-cost production.

Monozukuri Alley is in front of the doors for the main conference room. Foot traffic of a few hundreds of serious business people is expected, according to If Conference

If you are interested in participating in Monozukuri Alley, as a hardware startup, please sign up here for additional information (booths are free of charge). Monozukuri Alley will be located in front of the doors for the keynote speeches, so high foot traffic of as many as a few hundreds of serious business people is expected, according to If Conference. Our #1 focus is IoT products for consumers, but there should be some room for other criteria.

Of course, you can simply come and see what is going on with a $20 admission ticket for the whole conference (FYI, the ticket system is powered by Peatix, a NYC-based company co-founded by Japanese entrepreneurs!).

<Update as of April 1>

  1. One more keynote speech will be added, by Whill’s Founder/CEO Satoshi Sugie. Whill is a California-based startup of the powered wheelchair.
  2. You will have a 5 minutes product pitch in the conference room, just after when any of the sessions ends.
  3. Networking party with food&bevs will take place from 6pm (after all the sessions are done). Angel investors, VCs, potential business partners will join as well.

The following Japanese media confirmed to attend, in addition to local media such as TechCrunch.

Please click the link below to sign up for Monozukuri Alley today!


About FabFoundry

Founded in New York City, FabFoundry is the first community for hardware startups and creative makers that connects to hardware professionals at Japanese companies who excel at manufacturing high-quality products. FabFoundry leads a collective that offers access to vital resources for contemporary, urban hardware startups such as creative excellence, technical consultation, design optimization for production, Silicon-Valley style funding, legal service and networking, locally and globally. FabFoundry also hosts Monozukuri Saturday Meetup, a series of meetups, workshops and make-a-thons for makers.