Product Concept from the cohort startups for the Monozukuri Bootcamp Program for Hardware Startups

FabFoundry Announces First Cohort of “Monozukuri” Bootcamp for Hardware Startups in New York

FabFoundry is pleased to announce our first cohort of the Monozukuri Bootcamp program, a hardware boot camp co-hosted by Japan-based Makers Boot Camp. The Monozukuri Bootcamp program was started to have hardware startups in New York City — the world’s largest community of creators and makers with the biggest North American market of 24 million people. The term Monozukuri is a Japanese expression to describe Japanese-style manufacturing processes.

Helping Create a Hardware Startup Hub in New York

FabFoundry’s leading initiatives such as Monozukuri Meetup in New York. One of our goals is to create a makers’ hub in New York by connecting local creators and makers to global manufacturing expertise. There are quite a few pioneers such as HAX and Highway1, who bring American hardware startups to China to get connected to Shenzhen, China, the world’s biggest manufacturing center. Our Monozukuri Bootcamp has a similar concept but connecting to manufacturers in Japan, perceived world’s highest quality in manufacturing.

Our ultimate goal is, however, not to let startups easily make manufacturing orders to factories in China, but to transplant manufacturing expertise from Japan to New York, so that we can make New York a hub for manufacturing in North America (as well as in the world eventually).

Within several years, we believe manufacturing value-chain will be completely remodeled. Many products will be assembled locally, thanks to many latest technologies such as digital fabrication (3D printing, laser cutting and CNC), robotics and AI. Although common parts will be manufactured in factories of countries with cheap labor, many of these components are open-sourced so that assembling are more easily with advanced robots with AI.

Like printing industry after the Internet came out, capital intensive industry with centralized production is eventually transformed into industry with distributed production.

Source: New York City’s Economic and Development Corporation

As is said, New York has lots of creators and makers with a huge market behind. According to New York City’s Economic and Development Corporation, NYC generates lots of resources, such as 37,500 graduates of creative and engineering talent and more than 400 new products launched with crowdfunding.

Creating a hub for designers and makers who provide final touches for manufacturing should make sense.

First Evangelists-to-be Going to Japan for 6 Weeks

FabFoundry has selected two startups for our fist cohort of the Monozukuri Bootcamp program. We are sure all the participants of the program will have great experience in Japan and bring learned expertise and built network back to New York to help the city the global hub for the next generation manufacturing.

Here are two startups who will join our first Monozukuri Bootcamp program.

FlexTraPower introduces the cutting-edge technology to everyday wear in the normal clothes form factor so our user can make a wiser decision about their health and lifestyle. Our first product line, Bonbouton, the smart clothes that allow user to detect and quantify the stress level by collecting their vital health information including body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate employing our propriety graphene sensor into fabric thread. The smartphone app was designed to connect with the hardware, in the form of a button, via Bluetooth low energy for data transmission.

FlexTraPower is one of the 2015–2016 fellow companies for New York’s Next Top Maker. The company is based in NYDesigns, an incubator in Long Island City of Queens that is dedicated to the success of design and hardware tech startups in NYC.

The Crated:
The Crated is a technology company focused on seamlessly integrating electronic circuitry into textiles. With an eye towards supply chain integration and great design, we invent materials and processes to help brands and manufacturers create smart fabric at scale. We see endless application possibilities for our technology from safety, medical, to space exploration. We’re a creative team of makers and designers who have experience in the fashion industry, wearables, fabrication, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, prosthetics design, and more. Our goal is to enable the smart apparel industry and make its manufacturing a reality.

The Crated is one of the second cohort for the XRC Labs Accelerator Program Spring/Summer 2016. The company is based in Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, a hub for ethical fashion and design that provides designers with the resources they need to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

About Monozukuri Bootcamp

The Monozukuri Bootcamp program takes teams with hardware prototypes and turns them into functional, sustainable companies. The program is twofold: 6 weeks in Japan, under partnership with Makers Boot Camp, to refine their prototype product, and up to 4 weeks in New York City, NY, to market their product and business idea at the Monozukuri Exhibition, an open space to demo their product and get direct feedback from the real market including mentors and investors.

About FabFoundry

Founded in 2015 in New York, FabFoundry is the first community for hardware startups and creative makers that connects to hardware professionals and manufacturing experts in Japan that excel at manufacture high-quality products. FabFoundry serves to the community by offering access to vital resources for contemporary, urban hardware startups such as creative excellence, technical consultation, design optimization for production, contemporary funding, legal service and networking, locally and globally.

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