How does the Monozukuri Bootcamp work?

One of the common questions I receive on our Monozukuri Bootcamp program is regarding support on design and manufacturing while you are in Japan.

I will add this following part to the FAQ later, but please let me share separately now for your convenience!

Weekly (probably Every Wednesday) Samurai Mentors will meet startups at Kyoto Research Park (co-working space) and will count on Makers Boot Camp support to help not only translating but also clarifying any doubts about the project — this will lead to a more sophisticated and assertive work. The Bilingual Project Manager Hwan, who will be in charge of their projects, under Kenshin Fujiwara (PMO) supervision, has worked for Samsung for years and has been supporting our startup projects.
Deliverables (free of charge): Master Plan (Detailed, after they share their Bill Of Materials and Product Drawing) and Mentoring.(KSN Members)
Design for Manufacturing (usually around 50k USD, not included in our Program), produced after meetings with mentors, industrial experts.
A very good point to clarify: the manufacturers will only kick-off the project and start working on their production once the industrial fees and timeline are defined and covered a part from the free of charge program. (payment conditions to be agreed with KSN)
The most important thing we add with our Monozukuri Bootcamp — and it’s our main advantage: Industrial Project Management with a Bilingual Professional Team, who’s dealing with Manufacturers and solving all daily issues startups can’t handle anywhere — not only Japan, but also in China, Europe and US. Manufacturers won’t work directly with startup as there must be a prepared Project Manager who’s used to manage SME projects.
This is a common question and it all depends on the Master Plan and Schedule planned with Milestones — it’s not about how often engineers will work for their project, but if the deliverables will be on time with high quality, and never depending on hiring someone to take care of their product individually (as the case in China, where manufacturers are focus on high margins and delay many projects, once new projects arrive at their pipeline) Japanese on time and reliable technology are our guarantee — credentials from KSN can be checked.
The fact that Takeda-san, KSN Main Manager, is one of our Co-Founders make a lot of difference: he can guarantee MBC needs are working perfectly, so we can deliver excellency with no intermediates.

If you are interested in applying to the Monozukuri Bootcamp, apply today.We are accepting application by 11:59pm tonight. Application format is a typical Techstars format. Here is the FAQ available!

We look forward to your participation!

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