[IoT trends] Hello, makers of the world: Japan is calling you!

Asia Innovation Tour 2016 kicked off in Shenzhen and will soon arrive in Kansai. Join us!

We’re excited to hear news from Shenzhen, where Asia Innovation Tour 2016, organised by HWTrek and designed to connect innovators from around the world, started in China.

Our partner Mik Kimuri, serial-Entrepreneur and with a vast Hardware Business experience, joined the group representing Makers Boot Camp.

The journey started in Shenzhen, visiting Chinese Manufacturers focused on mass-production,

and will come to Kyoto and Osaka, to enter the heart of prototyping and manufacturing, in order to learn the art of Industrial Project Management from the Japanese masters of Hardware.

During the tour, besides visiting manufacturing facilities, the group will have the chance to discuss hardware development processes with leading players, and gain valuable marketing insights to enter the Asian markets.

crossEffect Design Team, hosting part of the tour to our Manufacturers Kyoto Shisaku Net

As a co-host of the event, Makers Boot Camp is in charge of introducing the ecosystem in Kyoto, together with our manufacturers from Kyoto Shisaku Net: Hilltop and crossEffect. The visit will also include Kyoto-based company muRata, one of the top exclusive suppliers for Apple products, and the worldwide giant Panasonic (Osaka), where there will be a morning session at WonderLab, special open innovation space in their factory facilities.

Most of the entrepreneurs come from North America and Europe, with projects from connected devices, smart houses, robotics.

Here there are a few highlights about some of the Creators coming to Japan.

Waverly Labs (NYC): believing in “a world without language barriers” brings its Pilot Smart Earpiece, a wearable language translator, wel succeed funded project on Indiegogo, with extraordinary $3,400,00 crowdfunded.

Pilot Smart Earpiece — Photo: Waverly Labs (NYC)

The smart earpiece, connected to a smartphone via bluetooth, brings an app working as a language translator between multiple users. The product should be available next May 2017 in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Makers, hardware enthusiasts, and also fans of organic food will probably be interested to know more about FarmBot, from FarmBot Inc (San Luis Obispo, CA). Aiming to be the humanity’s first Open-Source CNC Farming Machine, and designed for small-scale, at-home precision food production, the outdoor robot is perfect for a garden, with onboard control system based on a Raspberry Pi 3 computer and an Arduino.

Focused on well-being, Pillo (NYC) is a“ Personal Home Health Robot”, bringing artificial intelligence accessible to any family’s daily life: he can answer questions about health and wellness, connect users and healthcare professionals, and securely manage vitamins and medication; storing, dispensing, and even ordering refills when you need them — his functionalities will grow as he learns about you and your family.

Check all the products and meet the disruptive Creators from all over the world in one of the events — (limited seats).

Originally published at makersboot.camp.