Kyoto Hardware Startups Courses

Great news, Kyoto Hardware Startups Courses will start this week!
 So, what is it?

Are you a hardware lover / startup, or talented student who are interested in hardware?
 Then, you have to know about Kyoto Hardware Startups Courses! This program is to discover and support hardware startups in Kyoto, at the land of talented manufacturers, to expand the community of global hardware startups among youth. (Japanese)

What will you get from this?

A lot! You’ll definitely get:

  • a working space for the establishing your hardware startup
  • learning how to promote through learning with other startups
  • mentoring on
  1. how to put your ideas into shapes
  2. business management knowledge
  3. technology and technical aspects
  4. human resource development
     and more..!

Well, here’s the coolest part.
Kyoto Shisaku Net, the professionals of mass-production prototyping will be supporting all the way to brush your idea into crystal.

At the end of the courses, you’ll get to pitch your idea and get feedbacks and detailed evaluation from investors!

So, what’s next?

Come to the opening event happening this Thursday!
 You’ll get to hear about the future possibilities of hardware startups from Dr Tomy Kamada.

Dr Tomy Kamada is a CEO and founder of TomyK Ltd, and also a “startup booster” who has impacted the whole startup ecosystem, especially on hardware technology.

Kyoto Hardware Startups Courses OPENING EVENT:
 Date: Thursday 10th of September
 Time: 18:00–20:00
 Place: Kyoto Institute of Technology Matsugasaki Campus, 60th Anniversary Hall
 Make sure to fill out this form, for more info click here.

Let the hardware movement begin!

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Featured Image: Kyoto by Moyan Brenn is licensed under by CC BY 2.0.

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