[Monozukuri Saturday for Makers] David Yepez — Designer & Fabricator known as the creator of the Machine in “The Out Of This World Burger”

The next Monozukuri Saturday Meetup features David Yepez, Founder & Principal of Axios NYC, a design studio in Glendale of Queens. But David is probably better known as the creator of Hellmann’s For 1st Ave Machine showing up in their “The Out Of This World Burger” video. Here we go!

3rd Ward’s Recognition as a Maker

David is a designer and master fabricator. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York, David leads a team that has completed projects for clients that include Macy’s, Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto, Sebastian Errazuriz Studios and others.

He is an outstanding maker, even among legendary creators’ community 3rd Ward. Here is why I say so.

Field Trip to his Studio in Queens

For this Monozukuri Saturday Meetup, we will have the first “field trip” to his studio in Glendale, instead of the Coffee Foundry, our meetup’s home in the West Village.

After networking with snacks and beverages, David will entertain attendees with talks on his experience as a maker/fabricator followed by a workshop of 3D printing & woodworking. It will be surely one of the most exciting Monozukuri Saturday Meetups.

Please sign up for Monozukuri Saturday 2016 #6: David Yepez, Founder of Axios NYC to get better experience at his studio to see things behind the scene!

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