[Monozukuri Saturday for makers] Meet Luke Schantz & Ayssar Arida on Jan 9, 2016

Photos courtesy of 3D Systems, originally from their YouTube video available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y37N2xlKX0

As we announced our “Kicking off Monozukuri Saturday” post, FabFoundry will host our First Monozukuri Saturday Meetup on this Saturday, January 9th, at the Coffee Foundry in the West Village of New York City.

This meetup will start in the morning with a conversation between two makers, Luke Schantz, a creative engineer with a passion for electronics, functional design and 3D printing, and Ayssar Arida, an architect and Co-founder of Urbacraft, a startup that creates simple but scalable building blocks to craft urban architect.

Please join us in the morning this Saturday to kick off your 2016 with exciting makers!

Let me briefly introduce these two great speakers of makers.

A Maker with 5-Year experience at the Blue Man Group

Luke is a natural-born maker. Born in Pennsylvania, Luke grew up with his family who owned a theatrical lighting equipment factory and spent five years at the Blue Man Group and shared his creative passion with their shows including the show “The Ride”.

Luke was recently involved in some space-oriented projects such as MakerBot Sends Colbert into Space and Time Capsule to Space Festival. His interview by 3rd Ward describes more about his work.

Luke is also selected as one of the new pioneers featured by 3D Systems.

New Pioneers: Luke Schantz by 3D Systems

Luke also actively works as an advisor and mentor for companies and makers, including Ayssar Arida.

An Architect & Entrepreneur developing City-crafting System

Ayssar Arida is a writer, educator and design entrepreneur, but he particularly calls himself a practicing “urbatect”.

Urbatect is a professional city maker and designer. My first idea is to save money, the tuition. Everyone of us without exception was born as a city designer. no body teach us to build a city. our education messes out that we only rely on professional architects to do so. but even professional architects are clueless.

Ayssar talks on the rise of the urbatect in his conversation at TEDxLAUSalon On Urban In(terv)ention in 2013 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Ayssar Arida on the Rise of the Urbatects at TEDxLAUSalon in 2013

In the following year, Ayssar co-founded a company called Urbacraft. Ayssar, an architect, designer, writer and educator, has finally become an entrepreneur. Since October 2015, Ayssar has been in New York City to participate in a startup accelerator program called XRC Labs, an innovation accelerator for the next generation of disruptors in the retail and consumer goods sectors. Ayssar met Luke at XRC Labs.

Urbacraft is well received in industries in New York, including in a workshop at littleBits’ Store back in December.

A photo from the workshop at littleBits’ Store in SOHO, New York, on December 12, 2015.

In the conversation in the First Monozukuri Saturday Meetup, we will ask Ayssar why he started his own company and what is Urbacraft’s vision. This should inspire makers, designers and architects especially who are interested in starting up a company.

Urbacraft’s Make-a-thon follows

Also, for those who are interested in making things using Urbacraft’s latest building blocks — interoperable with Lego blocks and littleBits modules, we will host a make-a-thon “Urbacraft’s First Craft-a-thon in NYC” that follows this meetup on January 9th.

We host Monozukuri Saturday meetups on every Saturday at the Coffee Foundry in the West Village of New York City. If you are interested in joining this movement and/or speak to share your project/experience, please join our Meetup.com community!