Our Popup Shop is Starting— One Small Step for a Company, One Giant Leap for Industries

I am happy to announce that our popup shop (“Fab x Coffee Foundry NYC Popup”) is ready tomorrow at the Coffee Foundry in the West Village of New York.

(In the first few weeks, our popup shop is NOT full-time. Please follow our Twitter or check our Facebook Page to get the latest update. Details of the popup shop and its background are described in the last parts of this post)

The Coffee Foundry at 186 W 4th St

Popup focuses on only two things

Our corporate vision is to become a global startup community for makers & designers, but this popup shop is very focused on these two things.

For entrepreneurs, we give you learning opportunities of the digital fabrication such as 3D printing and connect to the designers’ community. For the first weeks, we will offer semi-private workshops during the daytime on selected days (please follow our event schedule if you’re interested in joining).

For makers & designers, we give you opportunities of lecturing projects or sharing interests you are working on. Such projects can include not only your personal projects you want to collaborate with diverse people but also your work-related things including promoting products of your company. For now, those who are interested in hosting events, please join our Facebook Page and send a message to us.

FabFoundry is a collective of communities for makers

To prepare for social production

Many people understand that the digital fabrication technology such as 3D printing will become an upcoming revolution for the coming decade. But many business people and entrepreneurs are not ready to make full use of the technology.

Each time I ask the audience, almost 100% people think of the 3D printing as one of the next big things, but only a few people in fact have already utilized it.

It’s like a situation where you knew the smart phone was changing the world, but you still had the feature phone and did not even try the smart phone.

The coffee shop our popup shop is located attracts lots of entrepreneurs and college students. This is a great community we will work with the designers’ community to educate and get connected. The atmosphere of the coffee shop can be referred to its Yelp! page.

Entrepreneurs should know of the power of new technologies

We will first work with some local designers and makers who would like to teach basics to this entrepreneurs’ community such as a workshop “introduction to 3D printing & Rhino”.

3D wireframe and its production

If you are a maker, designer or entrepreneur who wants to have a workshop or meetup to entrepreneurs and/or designers, please interact online (Twitter, Facebook), or come and talk to us at the popup shop. We will offer spaces and times with some resources we have, such as the 3D printer and the operator for it.

I hope this is one small step for a company, and one giant leap for industries.